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After our work network went down, I knew that I couldn't fix the issue on my own. I was really tired of dealing with lackluster computer performance, so I started looking for computer professionals who could identify and solve the underlying issues. After working hard to find a business that could offer us the support that we required, we had them come out to do what they could to help us. We were impressed with the results. This blog is all about working with the right computer professionals to make your computer system better than it has ever been before.


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3 Reasons Why Your Company Should Hire A DBA Remote Support System

If your company frequently deals with a lot of coding or engineering work, it's likely you have multiple databases set up on your servers. Databases can be complicated at times, which is why many companies hire a professional DBA or Database Administrator to help them keep things under control. While it's not uncommon for a big company to have a DBA directly on the payroll, more and more companies today are switching to DBAs who work remotely from another site. Here are 3 reasons why DBA remote support might be right for you and your company.

Potentially Much Lower Cost

When you have a DBA directly on the company payroll, that employee is going to get a paycheck every week or every 2 weeks regardless of how much work they actually had to do. But when you switch to DBA remote support, you typically only pay for each individual job that comes along. If you know that your company does not have serious database issues on a regular basis, it might be much less expensive to simply pay as you go for DBA support instead of keeping someone directly on your staff.

Save Time

If you don't currently have a DBA on staff and are leaving the database work up to your individual employees, you may be wasting countless hours of potential work just to troubleshoot problems. Even if you do have a DBA on site, this person may need to take over the affected employee's workstation in order to fix the problem. This will again just reduce your workplace efficiency and slow down your projects. When you hire a DBA who can work from a remote site, they will just need to quickly interview the affected employee by phone or email and then get to work. Meanwhile, the employee who has the problem can move on to a different task without having their workstation taken over.

DBAs Can Keep Your Clients Happy

When a database goes down, it could affect everything from your inventory to your sales platform. Regardless of whether you go with an onsite or a remote DBA, having a dedicated database professional available to you will help you keep your operation running smoothly so that your clients will hopefully never notice any hiccups.

For many companies, the data is the business. A corrupted database or other issues could lead to significant problems. This is why hiring a database administrator is always a good idea, but for best results, a remote DBA might be best because they can tackle the problem without interfering with any employees on site and it might even be less expensive in the long run when compared with hiring a full-time DBA on site. For more information, contact a remote DBA company today.