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Working With The Right Computer Professionals

After our work network went down, I knew that I couldn't fix the issue on my own. I was really tired of dealing with lackluster computer performance, so I started looking for computer professionals who could identify and solve the underlying issues. After working hard to find a business that could offer us the support that we required, we had them come out to do what they could to help us. We were impressed with the results. This blog is all about working with the right computer professionals to make your computer system better than it has ever been before.


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Top Benefits Of Password Management Programs

In this day and age, people use the internet for a wide variety of reasons. Most people have a number of online accounts for their banks, credit cards, mortgages, and shopping needs. Since these online accounts contain sensitive personal information, it is essential for them to be protected with a strong password. Passwords need to be kept secure, but it can be difficult to remember all of them. Luckily, there are password management programs to make things easier. Read More 

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Do You Have A Backup Plan For Your Backup Plan?

An experienced technician has witnessed--at least second-hand--the loss of a backup. If you're lucky, your primary system is still working or you have multiple backups. Some technicians, non-tech computer owners with precious files, and businesses are not so lucky. A fire or flood comes through a building and destroys everything, or a power surge fries everything connected to anything electronic, including the backup drives. To avoid most of these problems and to further spread any chance of failure far away, it's time to send your backups far away. Read More